Board Members

Board Members

The SEA CHF Board of Committee is comprised of Nu Skin SEA leaders who share a dedication to Philanthropy and Demonstrate Passion for Nu Skin Enterprises’ mission to help needy children.

As Board Members, these leaders volunteer their time to serve the Children's Heart Fund either by helping raise funds or drive programs aimed at increasing awareness and support for the heart fund.

Honorary Board Members since 2006-Present

Anchalee Vergara & Tarida Sukavanich

I believe that all parent's love their children dearly and would gladly trade theirs lives for the well-being of their children. They all want their children to be born healthy. Unfortunately a lot of babies born with congenital heart disease are from poor families who cannot afford to pay for the surgery and end up waiting for limited services and resources  from ill-equipped hospitals.

I am so proud and grateful be part of Nu Skin culture "to be a force for good  throughout the world to touch people's lives.”  With the SEA Children's Heart Fund. We have helped thousands of children to gain back their lives and health.  Nu Skin distributors voluntarily contribute 1% of their earnings to help fund this project. We all know it's every one's mission to save more and more lives. And together we will make the world a better place.

Angela Liew & Rayne Ho

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Chua Syer Cin & Emily Yap

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Evelyn Lai & Jonathan Chong

Our lives will only be complete when we empower others to improve the lives of the unfortunate children in our community. Our contribution to the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund may be just 1%,, but it represents 99% of who we are – a team of Force For Good Leaders. Let’s create more smiles by contributing now!

Lanny Sutiarto & Ronny Soeprajogi

The biggest gift comes from a sincere heart and I see that through Nu Skin Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund. We are able to give, maybe only 1% from what we earn, but with the sincerity that you have, that is the biggest gift for the children.

Mary Tan

I am very proud to be a part of the Nu Skin SEA Children’s Heart Fund.  Very few companies bother to do things from the heart. But at Nu Skin I know that our actions always come from wanting to help the children.  I am honored to be able to make a difference in these children’s lives – helping to create smiles and saving hearts!

Monica Lam & Ambassador M. Haron

Free our hearts. Repair the damaged hearts of the suffering children with our 1% contribution to the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund

Pax & Gina Paculaba

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Trin & Jirawan Vichaidith

It has been more than 10 years that we, as one Nu Skin, are helping the needy children throughout South East Asia. And today, we have created more than 6,000 smiles for the little children we support. And do you know what 1% donation means to them?  It means great changes, it creates smiles not only for them but within yourself. 
It means to transform the lives of people around you, even without you knowing them. Because your 1% donation may be only 1% of what you get from Nu Skin but it shows another 99% of who you are… how great you are and how you lead by being a great example to your beloved ones, to your downlines, to your sidelines , and to everyone who knows you. I would like to encourage you to join this program because it is only your 1%, but that 1% may mean a whole life to someone else. Let’s create smiles together!

Vibulyos Iamranond & Pachareepan Sattabanasuk

Being a father of two, I am sure all of us would like to see our children grow up healthy and happy.  Imagine yourself in situation where you cannot do anything but see your beloved child die. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine how to go on without any hope? For me I can’t imagine how my life will be because I know that I can help by even a small part to create a better place in this world.  Nu Skin has a great initiative that can inspire me to help transform people’s lives with this great business.  I carry on to support the children in need, to bring them back to their parents and to create smiles to shine on their faces once again.

Yusanidah & Abi Purdi

We are proud of the Nu Skin Southeast Asia Children's Heart Fund program. At Nu Skin, we not only think about business for ourselves, Nu Skin also provides us a perfect medium to help others in need. Everyone joining Nu Skin should support the program because it is simply a commitment to donate only 1% of our commission, a very small amount of what we earn but it shows 99% of our big hearts.


Board Members Jan 2018 – Dec 2019

Andy Wong & Annie Woo

“Giving happiness to others is the best happiness in this world. Together we change more lives.” - Andy Wong

“It's never about us, always about others, Change a life a day.”  - Annie Woo

Daniel & Ella Laogan Jr

Being a Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund Board Member gives us a unique opportunity to leverage with a powerful organization and its leaders, to impact the lives of many children throughout the Southeast Asia region.

Henny Djuwita Santosa & Melani
Hilda Pang
Jackie & James Chia

Children are our future and the SEA Childrens Heart Fund gives disadvantaged children a FUTURE.  My small effort, when pooled with others, will give life and change lives. Be Big-hearted by starting small - just 1%."

Joanna Wiraatmadja & Helena Lee

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KC Kang & Willing Tan

It’s the little things that we do each day that makes a difference to these children. It’s the little contributions by each of us that makes their dream a reality. Thank you for patching up their hearts… with yours.

Marlon & Josephine Ilagan
Pattarawan & Pichet Sukkaniwast

Since I started working with Nu Skin as a distributor, every day I wake up telling myself that today I’m going to go out to help people by offering them an opportunity to transform their lives. SEACHF is the same thing. It’s all about helping people by offering children an opportunity to have a new life.

Ratchadawan Ingkawimonsri & Soncedar Teanpakkul
Sahatad & Pakakorn Nutithawat

Success is not only to transform people’s lives via the Nu Skin business opportunity.  The real success is the opportunity to transform children’s lives in order to give them one more chance to pursue their own destinies without expecting anything in return. 

Selenium Chai & Neo Poh Lin

It may be only 1% of what we give, but the Nu Skin SEA Children’s Heart Fund is everything to a family with a child suffering from heart disease. We are very gratified to see these children smile again, knowing that they now have the chance to live happy normal lives.


We cannot change the world by ourselves but together we can move lives towards better days. 1% is our small part in planting the good seeds for a fulfilling future for our own children as well as the many generations to come.

Trinh Huynh Le Thuong & Pham Thi Duc Hanh

Do small things with great love.


Benefactors Jan 2016 – Dec 2017

Albert Sia
Ang Wui Lee & Chan May Ling
Angelyn Sng & Tan Juinn Wen
Ati Puspanita
Atika Sunarti & Didien
August Mok
Chaunchom Maunpasitporn &
Ratanaporn Sangasang & Chana Lohasaptawee
Derrick Tia & Frann Ng
Desmond Teoh & Christine Khor
Dr Fusinovana & Dody
Gavin Sim & Doris Lim
Heni Aska Daulika
Henny Santosa & Melani

Hilda Pang
Carine Ong
Lilian Ong
Lim Siang Joo
Dr Lina Lusifah & Dr Satria Pratama
Loo Mun Fong
Manassanan & Chanoknart Somkiatkul
Marlon & Pen Ilagan
Naphat & Chansith Yodpruedtikarn
Nicholas Yeo & Gan Kok Hong
Oliver Lim & Glenda Lee
Ong Gee & Jenny Ding
Pannisa Tananan & Chalermkiat Kemtit
Ratchadawan Ingkawimonsri & Soncedar Teanpakkul
Dr Ridha Revidha & Dr Dianart Zulkifli

Rona Jasa
Sahatad & Benjawan & Pakakorn Nutithawat
Samuel Lai Chun Yen & Connie Lai Lee Woon
Sanny Himawan
Sarucha Dolpariphat & Pirasak Wittayajaroenpong
Siamy Tan & Xavier Leung
Siwaporn Suratossaporn
Sri Resnowati & Satriadi
Tan Shih Han
Theera & Umaporn Phetmalaigul
To Lay San
Wong Mei See, Tho Ching Wei &
Dion Wong Lee Yen
Dr Yulia Sari