Local Partner

Through the years, the Nu Skin SEA CHF has had the honor and privilege to work with dedicated partners and charity organizations who share the same passion and commitment to help children with congenital heart defects. Each local Nu Skin office in the region regularly conducts additional activities that aim to create awareness and reach out to more children and their families.

Together with our partners, we hope to save more lives and create more smiles!

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation

Nu Skin Thailand is the founding country of the Nu Skin SEA CHF initiative. It has partnered with the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation (PCSF) since 1998, a charityorganization that works closely with the Institute of Cardiovascular Disease at Rajavithi Hospital, to increase the number of operations performed on children with congenital heart disease belonging to needy families around the country. In 2014, the foundation performed surgeries on 501 children through Nu Skin SEA CHF. 

On 27 October 2014, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation and doctors at the Prince of Songklanagarind Hospital held a health seminar called “We Care” to share about heart disease and vascular health for amongst 88 children and their parents awaiting cardiovascular surgery. The objective of the event is was to honor His Majesty the King and to help children with heart disease receive treatment quickly. Parents had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with doctors to learn how they can postpone the onset of symptoms of heart illness.  Nu Skin Thailand staff were on hand at the event to offer manpower support, to organize games and gifts for children, to share general knowledge about heart disease and give out information about expenses related to health check ups.  The Heart Center in Songklanagarind Hospital is the center of southern region for surgeries and medical treatments for all children with congenital heart disease in southern region.