Smile Stories

When we think of children we usually envision happy, active kids running around without a care in the world. However for children with congenital heart disease they are often sickly and a bit of activity could tire them out. Some live sedentary lives not because they want to but because they need to. Many of them have uncertain futures and live each day at a time.

When we have the chance to help improve these children’s lives, every single smile we receive is priceless. Here are their stories and how Nu Skin distributors have helped create smiles.

Name   :   Tarisa Marito
Age      :   13 years old

Tarisa is the second daughter in the family. Her father was once a fruit seller in Medan, but is currently out of work. Her mother now sells coffee and other drinks at their home to earn
some money. Tarisa was 12 years old when she received support from Nu Skin SEA CHF in 2013. 

When she was 5 years old, Tarisa was diagnosed with congenital heart disease that required her to use a pacemaker. She easily tired out and could not participate in sports activities at school. To ensure that the pacemaker is in good condition, Tarisa has to undergo routine checks. This device can only be monitored at Cipto Mangunkusumo General (RSCM) Hospital in Jakarta, and this caused her family financial strain as they had to spend a lot of money to visit Jakarta every year.

Despite her condition, Tarisa is a clever, friendly little girl who has great enthusiasm for life. Tarisa met Nu Skin in March 2013 when she received funding from the Nu Skin SEA CHF to
replace batteries for her pacemaker at RSCM Hospital in Jakarta.

In May 2013, Tarisa got a chance to sing at Nu Skin Indonesia’s Expo, at one of the largest shopping malls in Medan. Everyone was very thrilled with her confidence and Tarisa returned to perform at Nu Skin Indonesia’s Convention in June 2013. With her clear voice and stage presence, she garnered thunderous applause from more than 2000 distributors at the convention who were amazed and gratified to meet in person, one of the children they had supported via Nu Skin SEA CHF.

Tarisa is an intelligent girl who enjoys singing. Her dream is to become a professional singer one day.