Smile Stories

When we think of children we usually envision happy, active kids running around without a care in the world. However for children with congenital heart disease they are often sickly and a bit of activity could tire them out. Some live sedentary lives not because they want to but because they need to. Many of them have uncertain futures and live each day at a time.

When we have the chance to help improve these children’s lives, every single smile we receive is priceless. Here are their stories and how Nu Skin distributors have helped create smiles.

Name   :   Julyana Samson
Age      :   11 years old

Julyana is the eldest of 3 in her family. Her father is a driver and her mother is an administrative officer. They are a typical family with a meager income that is only sufficient for their basic needs.

Julyana was one year old when she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. She needed to undergo a very expensive heart operation that the family could not afford, so her mother, Anna, wrote to many organizations seeking help. Nu Skin SEA CHF answered their plea and prayers.

Anna recalls that time when Julyana had to fly to Thailand for her operation:
“From the moment we flew to Bangkok, Thailand on October 27, 2004, we had mixed emotions stepping on a foreign land for the first time. But the full support of Nu Skin along with the warm and friendly reception and assistance of Dr. Pirapat Mokarapong, and the staff at Rajavithi Hospital, was more than enough to wash away all apprehensions and make us feel comfortable while we were away from home.”

Julyana is now 11 years old and is a healthy, active, and smart girl who enjoys the vibrance of life that all normal kids experience. She has come a long way since her operation 10 years ago.  Julyana is excels in school with Math being her top subject. She is an active sports person and is also a member of her church choir.  Julyana hopes to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor, an engineer or a pilot one day.