Smile Stories

When we think of children we usually envision happy, active kids running around without a care in the world. However for children with congenital heart disease they are often sickly and a bit of activity could tire them out. Some live sedentary lives not because they want to but because they need to. Many of them have uncertain futures and live each day at a time.

When we have the chance to help improve these children’s lives, every single smile we receive is priceless. Here are their stories and how Nu Skin distributors have helped create smiles.

Name   :   Waefarida Gheyah
Age      :   23 years old

Waefarida was born with serious health issues. She weighed 2 kg at birth and had breathing problems. She was very small and all her fingers and toes were blue. The doctor said that she had heart disease and needed an operation.

However, her family was very poor and despaired at how to help Waefarida. As a child, Waefarida wondered why she was so different from others. She could not understand why she could not run around and play with her friends; why she had to visit the hospital
frequently; why her parents looked so sad; and why she had to take a lot of pills.

Fortunately with financial support from Nu Skin SEA CHF local partner, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation, Waefarida was able to have heart surgery in October 2004. Her medical follow-up required her to undergo surgery again every 5 years to change batteries. This was made possible with support from Nu Skin SEA CHF.

Waefarida is now 23 years old and is currently a teacher in a rural area in Southern Thailand, Pattani Province. Although she is teaching at a small school, she is so happy to be able make a difference in the lives of these children.

“The depth of my gratitude goes beyond a simple “Thank you”. I have received help from people I do not know. I have been given a new life from people I have never seen. As a grown-up, I have learned how much it means to be the receiver and I know how great it is to be a giver. This is a reason why I have chosen to be a teacher. I always keep in mind that I have received a new life because of the kindness I have received from others. I am older now and I should give back to the society. Although what I can do is very small, I will do my best.”