Ever wondered what it feels like to be a part of the Nu Skin SEA CHF cause? The testimonies below from our generous donors and inspiring health experts who have contributed to our mission will give you an idea of how it feels to work with us.

Donor’s Sharing

Specialists' Testimonials

Dr Pirapat Mokarapong of the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Foundation (PCSF) in Thailand is one of our highly respected doctors partnering with us to help save children with congenital heart disease. Hear from him about the challenges he has faced and the long-term partnership with SEACHF.

Dr Andrea Orel Valle is a pediatric cardiologist at the Philippines General Hospital. Find out more from her as she shares the challenges doctors, patients and families face when treating a child with congenital heart disease.

Mr Rad Kivette is the CEO of The VinaCapital Foundation. He expresses his gratitude towards Nu Skin for their contribution in providing emergency equipment needed for the Pediatric Hospital No 2 in Ho Chi Minh city, under the ‘Response & Survive to Thrive’ Program.

Dr Marhisham Che Mood, a Paediatric Cardiologist from IJN, Malaysia expresses that moving forward, Nu Skin and IJN will continue to give their full support to their young patients through the SEACHF.

Professor Dr Naijb Advani of Yayasan Jantung Anak Indonesia (YJAI) is a long-time SEACHF partner with whom Nu Skin has worked to help children with congenital heart disease.

Dr Lim Miin Kang is a renowned pediatric cardiologist from Gleneagles Hospital. Dr Lim expresses his immense gratitude towards Nu Skin for their continuous support and contribution by sponsoring child patients from low-income groups.

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